Message from President

Junji Yamada  president & CEO
dauntless, persevering, and full of  vigor
Our company, specialized in fields such as aerospace materials and high-tech equipment, has amassed a long track record and experience, practical results and knowledge.

Currently, structural conversion and innovation are underway in various sectors. Because it is this sort of era, I feel it is a time in which those with highly specialized knowledge and global networks are flourishing. Professional personnel can have a very effective role in this era.

The Chinese written character for "spirit" came into existence from gazing at a bank of drifting clouds in the open sky. By drawing upon the infinite creative energy from the "spiritual" intangible, the enterprise attitude drives the creation of business and one by one brings forth "valuable" products and services ─ that is the new trading business world I aspire to.

As an enterprise that is dauntless, persevering, and overflowing with vigor, our company shall continue to fly to the open skies with proud spirits.

I humbly ask for your favor and future patronage.

Junji Yamada  president & CEO

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