Fundamental Philosophy

We always consider the impact of our business activities on the environment of the region, and the next generation. All aspects of management include consideration of the environment in order to realize comfortable local and global surroundings.

Fundamental Policy

Fuji Industries Co., Ltd. has established the following environmental policies in consideration of regional characteristics and the environment, and will work to uphold them through all business activities.

  • 1. Global environment protection through business

    We aim to contribute to protection of the global environment in all places of business.

  • 2. Efficient use of resources and energy

    We monitor the consumption of resources and energy, waste disposal rate, environmental burden, and strive to conserve resources and energy through recycling and green purchasing.

  • 3. Compliance with environment-related laws and regulations

    We comply with environment-related laws and regulations as well as various related company agreements.

  • 4. Continuous environmental improvement

    We work continuously on environmental improvement by setting objectives and goals for environmental protection and reviewing the results of our efforts, including:
    (1) Promote conservation of resources and energy (CO2 emissions reduction)
    (2) Reduction of waste
    (3) Reduction of water consumption

  • 5. Promotion of environmental awareness and community / social contribution activities

    We provide information on environmental protection both internally and externally by publishing environmental activity reports, promoting awareness, education, and encouraging involvement in regional social contribution activities as a member of the local community.

December 26, 2019
Fuji Industries Co., Ltd.
Director, Hidemasa Miyata