Materials for Aerospace and Defence market Manufacurer of composite material
Develops, manufactures and markets prepregs made of carbon fiber and glass fiber, honeycomb products and adhesives for commercial aviation, space and defence applications.
Hexcel products are used in commercial and military aircraft, space launch vehicles, satellites, automobiles and various other industrial applications. Products have been approved by aircraft manufacturers and have been widely used as the main structural material for aerospace applications.


HexWeb® Honeycomb Lightweight honeycombs in a variety of cell sizes and densities in fiberglass, aluminum, and aramid materials for aerospace and industrial markets. Excellent core material for sandwich construction, used in applications such as energy absorption and sound attenuation.

HexPly® Prepreg Carbon fiber and glass fiber prepreg. Lineup of prepreg resins includes epoxy, BMI, and phenol. Widely used in the manufacture of aerospace structures.

HexBond™ Film Adhesive, Foam Film, Primer Lineup of film adhesives, foam adhesive films and primers for aerospace and industrial markets

  1. Film Adhesives

    Film adhesives ideal for metal-to-metal bonding and honeycomb sandwich construction.
  2. Foam adhesive film

    Foam adhesive films are ideal for gap filling, honeycomb core edge bonding and core splicing. It is designed to be used in combination with film adhesives.
  3. Primer

    Protects pretreated metal surfaces prior to bonding with a primer formulated to achieve maximum performance from film adhesives, ensuring maximum bonding durability.

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